Career Transition

Most people never take the time to reflect on their career path or plan next career steps – very often this just emerges as a series of opportunities that happen over a period of time without an objective review about whether the next step is the right one.

The value of taking the time to reflect and plan is significant and investing the time to identify key motivational drivers can make all the difference to achieving a fulfilling and stimulating career. Understanding those drivers in turn helps people qualify which job opportunities they should apply for and increases their probability of success.

HR2GO has developed a comprehensive programme, tailored to each individual’s strengths and circumstances, which combines the knowledge and expertise of our integrated HR offerings. The objective is to ensure that individuals are in control of their career and have the practical skills and knowledge to present themselves with increased self awareness, focus and certainty.

This in turn offers an increased  probability of success in securing  the right next career step.


Creating the Career Blueprint

Scoping – Capturing your skills and aspirations

  • Your career milestones – defining moments and key achievements
  • Your values and priorities
  • Your career direction & aspirations


Positioning – Identifying the right role

  • Your skills – SWOT analysis
  • Setting your career goals and establishing the pathway
  • Creating a career blueprint which is valid throughout your career


Success Insights – Understand yourself better

This is an established and internationally recognised evaluation tool which will help you develop an objective and clear understanding of yourself:

  • Your strengths
  • Preferences
  • Impact on others
  • Areas for development

This is an online exercise and you will receive full feedback from an accredited consultant. You will also receive a practical workbook for reference which will support and guide you through your career.


Preparing for the future

Choose one or as many options as you need. The sessions can be run concurrently or separately.

Dealing with Change

  • How to adapt, be positive and leverage the opportunities

CV – Keeping it Current

  • Ensuring your CV reflects your achievements, provides evidence to support your statements and positions you strongly for the right role

Preparing a cover letter

  • This is a critical element of a job application and crafting a compelling cover letter can secure an interview

Interview preparation

  • Learn about techniques that help you interview well and the importance of preparing thoroughly

Networking to Build Your Profile

  • Create a networking map which identifies the people in your network and the roles they can play
  • Practical advice on how to grow your network

Communicating with Impact

  • By phone and in person
  • See yourself as other see you with video feedback
  • Develop your presentation skills

Identifying a Career Coach

  • Give yourself the benefit of ongoing career support though working with a career coach