“Courageous Conversations” – Getting results through people

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Often the most complex challenges in business can be made simple. The challenge line managers’ face in getting results through people is one such example. Strip away the peripherals and successful leadership is about your ability as a line manager to have effective, often courageous, conversations with your people about important everyday matters that affect business performance.  Conversations that explain the vision, set expectations, delegate, swap feedback, address poor performance or unacceptable behaviour early, sort out workplace conflict or the impact of personal problems on work performance etc.

In twenty years of coaching line managers on how to handle these issues we’ve developed proven approaches to preparing for and holding these courageous conversations. Now we’ve converted that experience into Courageous Conversations an in-house training program for managers supported by our EUREKA HR intranet resource.

Courageous Conversations is a 10 module people skills development program for frontline managers. It is based on teaching managers how to handle real case examples written for your business using your policies and processes. Since learning without application is pointless each Courageous Conversation module requires managers to identify opportunities to apply these interventions and follow-up to ensure they get results. If you’d like to know more about how Courageous Conversations can benefit your business contact Paul Loof – paull@teesdaleloof.com

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